We Pamper Our Guests

An high level of comfort, tiny details that are almost imperceptible, but which you will appreciate to the full when they come into use.

For Hotel Orto Convento ...... every guest is unique, just like the unique experience that awaits every guest.

° UNIQUE the light that fills the bedrooms, which is unusual and precious in a Florentine building.

° UNIQUE the fact that we are a in Florence without the traffic noise and chaos of a city always alive and active. No noise coming from the street, no noise from the air conditioning system, not even any noise from water draining away. Your sleep is guaranteed.

° UNIQUE the comfort of the room temperature thanks to a sophisticated energy saving air conditioning system: for a perfectly silent, natural ventilation and fresh air.

° UNIQUE the level of technological comfort, with a wi-fi in every room and common areas, Tv with foreign channel and a real hairdrayer you would use at home.

° UNIQUE last, but not least, is the authentic Florentine hospitality, that cares for guests’ well-being, but also attends to their particular tastes. Do you need a starboard, requires a taxi, are you looking for an address or just want to chat? Here we are, be sure we have time for you.